Ups and Downs

yesterday was a rollercoaster of emotion for me. The day started with an UP.

Tim gave me the above Charming Tails figurine as a “Happy Football Season” present. it’s the cutest thing ever. I love the start of football, in a lot of ways, because of how much he loves it. Watching him get excited gets me excited, as well! It’s adorable! And, i love being able to add this Charming Tails to my collection! He will proudly sit on the entertainment center during every football game we watch!

Then the day had a down. The mechanic called. He said it would be $470 to get my car fixed. On top of the $535 I paid to get something different fixed just two weeks ago. that was a big enough downer to reduce me to tears and ruin the rest of the work day.


…I went home when Tim left work and there was a package in the door. I thought it was the replacement Ipod parts I ordered…No, it was a wedding present. And not just any wedding present! It was a present from one of my favorite BlogBuddies–Meagan! How exciting is that? Meagan and I have never met (that whole Indiana to Oregon thing) but she still thought to buy us a wedding present. It was the above–the Vh-1 I love the 80s Board Game! It was wonderful and unexpected and TOTALLY made me happy again. Thanks Meagan! Tim is awfully excited, too!


One thought on “Ups and Downs

  1. Two ups and One down. That is still an okay rollercoaster. Cars are stupid. I have cried over car costs and repairs too.Yay for the 80s!!!! I just love it that that game was on your registry. Of course I HAD to buy it for you!love meagan

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