This, That and the Other

It seems like lately there have been a lot of little things happening in my life…some of which deserve a whole blog entry and some that do not. So, for the things that don’t really mean that much in the scheme of things….

This has been a very odd week.

…I took Monday off work and hung out with my husband. It was wonderful. We met with almost our entire small group and talked about Pslams for awhile. It too was a great time and good time to learn more and discuss life. I heart being in my small group (or smoup as Tim calls them).

…Tuesday was the usual plethora of meetings and madness, somewhat complicated by the fact that I didn’t go to work on Monday. however, I did go to the gym that night and ran my second mile…still hard to do, but hoping I can build upon it!

…Wednesday was more meetings (are you sensing a theme) and a chance to chat for awhile with my friend Ramona. then I did some random database training at a church in town. I also attempted to buy a new bathing suit…but only liked the bottom 1/2, so we’ll see about that.

…Thursday was another strange day. I ended up spending most of it at home while our front screen door was fixed (this however, does deserve it’s own blog, so you’ll hear that whole story soon).

…Today, well, today the New Kids on the Block announced their reunion on the Today show…there were thousands of screaming fans holding buttons and wearing shirts from their younger “NKOTB” days. It was a strange sight.

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