How big of a nerd does it make me…

…that I am really excited about going to the library tomorrow, even if it means i have to find a place to park downtown…stupid downtown parking!

I even have my list of books I want to check out – hopefully most of them are in!
What’s on the list? Glad you asked!

“Into the Wild”
“The Twenty-One Balloons”
“Witch of Blackbird Pond”
“Dear Mr. Henshaw”
“View from Saturday”
The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane”
“The Red Tent”
“Hope for the Flowers”

All but one of these books fulfill something on the two reading challenges I’ve signed up to do this year!


2 thoughts on “How big of a nerd does it make me…

  1. You are not a nerd. I want to go to the library, too!I love Dear Mr. Henshaw. I haven’t read that book in so long. I really need to get to a library and reread some of those books I read as a child.I saw that you had Island of the Blue Dolphins as one of your challenge books. Did you ever read O’Dell’s Streams to the River, River to the Sea? I loved that novel so much when I was younger, and I have never been able to find it as an adult. If you haven’t read it, you should totally try to find it and read it. It is a wonderful book.

  2. What makes you a nerd is that you are just like me. Planning to hit the library tomorrow too. Maybe we’ll see you there! Do you ever go online to reserve your books? That’s always fun.

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