I Remember….

I remember the first time I met Tim.
I remember months later when he was hired as the media intern at SOCC.
I remember the first time I wondered if he could be interested in me.
I remember our first “non” date – Donatos & Pirates of the Caribbean.
I remember Maggie Moo’s after Bible study and laughing until my sides hurt.
I remember him coming over to show me his projects from school.
I remember watching The Sixth Sense and holding his hand.
I remember the first foot rub.
I remember the first hug.
I remember the first kiss.
I remember the first “real” date – Mexican and Putter’s Park.
I remember the first rose – before I left for vacation.
I remember telling him I was falling in love with him.
I remember hearing “I love you” right back.
I remember the first stuffed animal, the first walk, the first trip to his parent’s house.
I remember celebrating our first year of birthdays and holidays.
I remember wanting him to propose.

I remember him proposing.
A beautiful fall day. An early children’s musical. A trip to Brown County, his proposal video.
The ring.
Crying. Saying Yes. Crying more. Celebrating with friends, The Lanham’s and the Mitchell’s. Celebratory dinner at Olive Garden. Telling Tom & Elsie. Not being able to sleep.

I remember the faces of the people I work with when we told them.

I remember planning a beautiful wedding, finding the perfect dress, having a great bridal party.

I remember getting ready. I remember trying not to cry and just wanting to see him.
I remember walking up to the doors of the church.
I remember them opening and seeing nothing but him.

I remember vows and promises, songs and celebrations.
I remember the kiss.
I remember the celebration after the ceremony, the honeymoon and more.

I remember the first year.
Now I can say I remember the second year.

Two years ago, Tim and I were married.

I love him more now than I did then, and I didn’t know that was possible.

Happy Anniversary, Tim.
I love you.


4 thoughts on “I Remember….

  1. I remember some of that stuff too.He DOES give the best foot rubs, doesn’t he?Seriously, I love that you two are married and that I have the absolute pleasure of being here to enjoy you guys.Here’s to two more years. And then two more. And so on.

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