On the Verge…

Confession:  I haven’t written poetry for A LONG TIME.  But, this one came to me today, so I thought I would post it here – because i’ve tried having more than one blog before and that never seems to work out for me.

On the Verge

I stand on the precipice
determined to be different
confident of nothing
but hopeful just the same

I stand on the edge
waiting for the winds to change
wondering if yesterday’s dreams
will catch tomorrow’s flame

I ask harder questions now
but expect the answers to be the same
knowing waiting changes nothing
pain and hope are equally real

I wonder about the future
and hold tight onto the past
yet today is all I’m offered
it’s time to give today my best

I live on the verge of changing
yet on the verge of staying the same
wondering if my strength is enough
and if it’s all in vain

I choose to love more freely
give more generously
accept more humbly
be more authentically real


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