H is for Hope

Easter is just behind us and I cannot stop thinking about what it means: Hope for all. I love this time of year – flowers bloom, skies clear, the world awakens again and hope permeates everything. Spring is full of promise and promise is found first in hope – that something more is waiting just around the next corner; just beyond the next bend.

Hope is what keeps us going, especially when combined with faith. I think the two are linked so much it’s hard to think of one without the other. Hope is what makes me smile when I think of what could be. Hope is what makes the days a little less monotonous. Faith, Hope and Love…maybe my favorite trilogy of all time!

Faith is the promise. Hope is my reaction to the promise. Love is what I do because of the promise. Thankful for a reason to have Hope in a world that likes to make you feel hopeless sometimes.


4 thoughts on “H is for Hope

  1. I enjoyed your post. The last paragraph in particular really resonates with me.Danawww.dana-thedailydose.blogspot.com(I found your blog via the A to Z Challenge. Nice to meet you!)

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