And Then, This Happened

Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, there was a young woman with a growing passion for church communications. She had made some great friends who had finally helped her articulate some of the struggles and dreams she had at her job, ways to continue to impact the world, and how to take theory and make it reality. They had encouraged her to find her voice, speak her mind and challenge herself. She felt blessed by those friendship and her new-found love of her job and ministry role.

Things moved along nicely, and she continued to grow in her communications strengths. Along the way, she learned it was okay to ask questions, that having a group of like-minded people to talk to and laugh with is invaluable. The only way she continued to get better at her job is because she immersed herself in study and conversation.

So, one day she was sitting in a meeting when her friend Evan sent her an email. It was short, sweet and to the point. Would she, new as she was at this whole communications thing, be interested in giving a little talk, little presentation at a conference in the summer. In July. In Houston. About communications.

She was honored, more than a little shocked, and more than a tiny bit excited. She talked to her husband, her boss and her…other boss. She thought about it, got more excited, and then told Evan yes. She would be a speaker. At a conference. Talking about something she loves.

Now that young woman is up to her eyeballs in branding research and marketing information. She is reading and planning out her presentation. She is wondering if there is a way to make her iPad work with a projector. She is overwhelmed and a little nervous. But, more than anything, she is still humbled and excited!

The end.

PS. It’s all true! Check out this link – how exciting is that?!?!?!


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