If you know me at all, you know I am not a huge fan of winter. Okay, maybe that is the understatement of the year. I wouldn’t say I hate winter…but you can say it for me if you want. This winter has been colder, snowier and more blustery than any winter I can remember, especially since living in the southern half of Indiana. I’m so used to the little weather bug in the top right corner of the TV screen that I don’t even notice it anymore. It’s cold. I’m cold. I remember enjoying playing in the snow some when I was younger, but I still think one of my favorite parts of sledding was coming back inside to my mom’s awesome homemade hot chocolate.

But, I have some friends who love winter or at least appreciate it a whole lot more than I do (I’m looking at you Evan and Joe). So, instead of complaining about everything that makes winter my least favorite season, I thought I would try my best to see the good in this time of year. So, here goes.

Snow can be pretty. I can appreciate the beauty of snow as it’s falling, especially if I don’t have to leave my house, if my loved ones and friends are all safely off the roads, and if it’s the big, fluffy flakes that look so nice coming down. Once the snow stops falling, the way it covers branches, trees, dead grass, mounds of dirt…it’s pretty and makes everything look and feel so clean – for at least a few minutes. I enjoy looking a people’s photos and living vicariously through their winter adventures (from my house, of course).

Hopefully the cold kills off the creepy crawlies. I hate bugs, especially ticks. They 150% creep me out and make me want to never go outside. Hopefully this year, with its bitter cold and nice, thick pack of frozen tundra has helped kill off the bugs that freaked me out so much last year (and if this isn’t really possible, don’t prove me right. Let me live in my own happy ignorance until spring).

Cold=good excuse to stay inside, cuddle my puppy and read a book. Sometimes I feel guilty for wasting a pretty day staying inside. That is rarely the case in the winter. Instead, I get to take advantage of staying inside, cuddling under blankets with my husband and dog and catching up on reading, writing, television…whatever. Madi doesn’t want to be outside. I don’t want to be outside. So, instead of forcing ourselves to go, we just hibernate and enjoy the chance to do just that.

Coffee. Tea. Hot chocolate. If it’s a warm beverage and I’m cold, I have zero guilt about drinking it. I probably should drink a little less, but hey, it keeps me warm and that’s what really matters in the end. Couple those warm drinks with fuzzy slippers, comfy pajamas and long sleeve t-shirts, and that’s pretty much my non-working wardrobe from November-March.

I’m trying, really, I am. Winter is long and we’ve barely really gotten into it, so I’m trying to count the good stuff and not lament the bad as much.

What do you love about winter?


3 thoughts on “Winter…

  1. I am the total opposite of you . 🙂 I absolutely love the winter and yes I am a summer baby. (go figure) Your reasons for not totally hating the winter are great. It’s beautiful, good excuse to stay inside, read a good book, drink something warm…I love it.

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