Make a Difference Monday: Social Media Special Edition


It’s time for another #madmlinkup! This week I am focusing on something that became very apparent to me yesterday. See, yesterday was my birthday. I turned 35 (yikes). And, thanks to Facebook and Twitter, I don’t think I’ve ever had more people tell me happy birthday, that I mattered to them, and that they loved me. As a Facebook fiend, I understand and know that it’s nice enough to remind people that a birthday is that day. And then it makes it really easy for you to say happy birthday. I get that. But you know what, it still means a lot to me. I took the time to read every single Facebook post and Twitter update that wished me a happy birthday. I liked them. I am working this week on commenting on them and responding to them. That will take awhile. But it will be worth it.

It was such a good reminder that it doesn’t take much to tell someone that you love them and that they matter. And, while birthdays are natural and easy ways to do that, why not harness the power of social media to work for good instead of posting negativity? Here are some easy, simple ways you can make a difference on your facebook or twitter profiles (or probably Google+, but that’s the one account I don’t know anything about):

  • Someone have a big test, interview or event coming up? Let them know you’re thinking of them with a quick wall post or tweet
  • Someone having a hard day that is evident on social media? Send them a private message to let them know you’re thinking of them
  • Don’t forget those birthday greetings. They may seem a little silly, but they do matter and they do mean something
  • Respond when people engage with you on social media! But only engage publicly with the good. Don’t engage the bad. It will just make you look bad in the end.
  • Notice what people enjoy via social media – remember that and comment on it. Show that you’re engaged in their lives
  • Think before you post. If it’s going to hurt someone’s feelings, don’t do it. If you’re posting in the heat of the moment, cool down first.
  • Engage with organizations that you support and be a social media advocate for them

What ways do you use social media to make a difference?

Every Monday I would like to highlight a group, person, organization, etc that is living out my make a difference idea for the week. This week I want to highlight my friend Jenni who has used her Facebook as a platform for positive news and notes for over a year now. Every day I can count on her posts saying something about how “today was a good day” and finding good in even the most frustrating of days. She recently started a group dedicated to just those ideas. Join it here and be encouraged and uplifted!





4 thoughts on “Make a Difference Monday: Social Media Special Edition

  1. I love this! First, happy birthday yesterday! 🙂 Second, these are really great ideas! I mean, it really only takes 30 seconds to send a quick “Hey, I’m thinking about you today, good luck!” so this is all a great reminder to all of us to take the time to do those little things. And I joined your friends group, I’m looking forward to some positivity in my Facebook feed! 🙂 Thanks again!

  2. Sorry, it’s me again… 🙂 I thought of another idea after I posted my first comment… You could also comment on people’s pictures, tell them how great they are looking, or that you love their outfit, or something like that! Reading that kind of comment would probably just make my day!

  3. I followed your advice from last week and wrote an encouragement card to a friend. It goes in the mail tomorrow. And I love these ideas!! It’s something I try to do often, and I know you do, too. I just read the most scathing post someone left one of my really good friends yesterday, and I was so sad. No one else should have read those words. We must be mindful of what we post. Words hurt and words heal. I’d prefer to be one to lift people up, not put them down!!

  4. Emily, happy birthday!! This post was so organically good! Wow what a way you tied life lately into practical ideas for making a difference! Love it! : )

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