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My friend Sarah wrote a 30 before 30 list last year. It’s my inspiration for my “before 40” list here (gulp).

I’ve composed this list of things I’d like to do before I turn 40. (I was going to call it my 40 before 40 list…but that’s a lot of things. We’ll see how long it gets.) These are no in particular order and this list may grow.

  1. Publish a story (fiction or non) in a magazine or journal
  2. Complete and submit a novel for publication
  3. Be paid to act somewhere
  4. Re-learn Spanish and become fluent
  5. Learn sign language
  6. Speak at a conference – happening July 2014
  7. See the Grand Canyon
  8. Go to Hawaii
  9. Read all the books that have won the Newbery medal
  10. Attend Book Expo America
  11. Lose another 20 pounds
  12. Run a 5K
  13. Walk a half-marathon  Done May 2014
  14. Travel to Europe
  15. Visit friends moving to Africa while they’re there
  16. Drive the Pacific Coast Highway
  17. Be debt-free
  18. Learn to knit and make something for myself
  19. Go to New York at Christmas-time
  20. Have a home with a big library in it
  21. Become a redhead, even if just for a short while
  22. Buy a fabulous red dress and have professional photos done
  23. Learn how to do amazing eye makeup
  24. Direct a play again
  25. Meet Stephen King (hey, it’s MY dream list!)
  26. Read the entire Bible
  27. Take the train somewhere
  28. Hike in Arches National Park
  29. See another show on Broadway  Done May 2014
  30. Make a Build-a-Bear  Done April 2014
  31. Paint a Canvas
  32. Attend a Comic-Con/Sherlock Event
  33. Submit application to be an audio book reader/voice-over artist
  34. …and more!

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